SMS number the purpose of registration
  • Personal virtual numbers for receiving SMS. You will be able to register yourself for services and receive SMS again if you need.
  • International coverage List of countries
  • Registration in Telegram, Qiwi, Gmail, Facebook, Avito, OLX and other services.
  • Brand new numbers that have not been used before.
How it works
Choose the service
Receive SMS to the given number
Insert the confirmation code from SMS to the service registration window
SMS receiving to virtual numbers

Receive SMS

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Virtual SMS number is the only solution in case:
You need to keep your personal information confidentiality while verification of a billing account, registering on social networks, forums, trading platforms, etc.
You have to share an access to incoming SMS with several people or departments (for instance, for two-factor authentication of a corporate account)
You are planning to deal with a great number of incoming messages
Your CRM system is automatically sorting all incoming SMS under certain scenario
You need to use several numbers for different regions, but want to receive and process all messages in one particular system
High speed in purchasing and activating numbers is very important for you
SMS with confirmation details can be forwarded now to email, CRM, http(s) or a cell phone depending on your choice.
Our virtual number for SMS registration can give you:
  • Affordability - in terms of purchasing
  • Convenience - in SMS delivery to email, phone number or CRM system according to your choice
  • Confidentiality of personal data - as you do not need to provide your real number
  • Unlimited amount of incoming channels in one device so you can purchase mobile numbers of various regions and operators and set up SMS forwarding according to your choice
In case you do not plan to receive SMS to the same number again, FreeJe can offer you disposable SMS numbers


  • Register in any online-service immediately
  • Pay for one SMS only
  • Register a large number of accounts at various sites and services at the same time
Forwarding of incoming SMS to a common SIM, email or any messenger (FB, Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp)
Automatic processing of incoming messages if it needed
Unlimited amount of available numbers
Flexibility in number settings
Confidentiality of personal data
Independence from your geographical location
Easy registration on almost any web service that requires SMS authentication (social networks, payment systems, etc.)
How to buy a virtual number
Sign up with
Choose the option “Buy number” - “SMS number” in your personal account
Choose a number
Make a payment with any method convenient for you
If you would like to buy numbers in bulk, send a request to [email protected].
Our specialist will contact you in order to discuss the terms and cost of numbers.
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